stars geilo

Snowshoeing among the stars

stars geilo

Winter has been really generous with us so far this season … We have had a great amount of snow in Norway and really cold temperatures ever since the season started in November and the opportunities we have to get the best out of it are almost endless.

As an example of one way to enjoy winter wonderland: I am always enjoying to get lost in the wilderness during night time, explore and contemplate the stars, shooting stars and constellation. This always gives me a different perception of life, and I always find so much quietness and serenity in this environment. Its like being alone in this world are living for a moment on another planet.

I like to head out there with snowshoes or skis to be able to move around easliy in deep powder snow. Skis are part of us in Scandinavia and make our life so much easier as soon as we step on snow.
Thats one way to get the best out of winter wonderland : A nice little stroll by night among the stars.

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