I had the chance to work with snowmobiles when I started to work as a guide in Lapland, that was part of our daily excursions and that was always for me one of the highlights and one of the tours I enjoyed the most guiding. I worked with snowmobiles in several places of Northern Finland: Like in Luosto, Levi and Ivalo. It was sometimes related to different activities: Northern light chasing by Snowmobile, Ice fishing, Snowmobile and Husky ride or visit to a Reindeer farms and Sami farm. The snow-scooter makes you feel free and you can cover so much distance and get to experience and see so much in a day. It is a great adventure and a lot of fun to drive. You feel that there are no borders, no boundaries, no limits and you reach places beyond your imaginations to witness unique moments in a magical world. It is like doing sightseeing and enjoying the riding in the meantime as you would do it in summer on a mortorbike. It is also extremely convenient for us living up north as you save precious time riding across frozen lakes and can reach extremely remote places where only them can give you an access to. Snowmobiling is definitely a must to do as soon as you like motorsports, adrenaline, speed and driving experiences!

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