northern lights mountain

Seeing the Northern lights

northern lights mountain
Whether you live or visit Scandinavia , the northern lights are a must to see and witness. Its a unique moment to experience, a moment you will never forget.
I had the chance to work several years in Northern Scandinavia as a Northern light Chaser and the chance to drive my guests every night in the wilderness to spot the Aurora Borealis.
I have seen them hundreds of times.. literally.. but still I and we as people who have seen them many times would always tell you that it is always something unique and magical.
Because you will never see them at the same place: maybe one day you will be along a magical fjord together with Humpbacks and killer whales, the next you will be in snowpacked forest or high mountains underneath the moonlight and in winter wonderland. You will never expect when to see them, you will maybe have to wait for hours or days, drive long distances if the weather forecast is not good, maybe even have to face freezing cold winter conditions until you can enjoy the phenomenon.
But all of this: Is definitely worth it ! To at least live this once in a lifetime.
Its a magical thing to witness: The incredible power of nature, the brightness of the lights, their dance in the sky, their different colors and shapes, the night atmosphere, the quitness of the north, the vibes around a bonfire, the billions of stars..
Its not only the lights.. Its everything put together which makes the north and its unique phenomenon so special. This feeling of being all alone and overwhelmed by the incredible nature underneath a dancing sky …
You cant beat the north …

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