Photography has always been part of me ever since I arrived in Scandinavia. 

I have always been in love with the nature, the life in the north, the atmosphere, the light, the culture. It is even hard to describe but there is something so magical and special about these regions that its always exciting to get out with the camera because you always know that something incredible is waiting for you after each single corner.

 I got the chance to learn with my best friend and also a professional photographer up in the Arctic and that made me improve quickly and understand how to use my camera throughout the year and even more in winter when phenomenon like the Northern lights are being part of our everyday life.

 Shooting photos has been part of me ever since I made my first step here: My passion and my job, whether its teaching photography for night tours and northern lights chasing or working for tourists offices: like I have done in Austria or just as gifts for my guests during my tours. Photography is a passion I like to share. 

My way to transcribe whats fascinate me the most in my surrounding. 🙂


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