My reasons for living in Scandinavia


I guess most of you actually know me and know what drives me in life and why I took the decision I made five years ago.. but some of you do not. Why did I take the decision to leave France and settle down in Norway?

The reasons from my point of view are actually quite simple and also personal.

There is a serenity, a peace and quietness in Northern Europe. Feeling safe at any time, respected by others, living in small communities with individuals caring and helping each-other.

The lifestyle here is also a big part of it. This relation and connection with the nature, the outdoor, the respect for what surrounds us is shared by each single of one of us.

Hiking, skiing, fishing and other activities are like religion here and we dive in this wilderness to embrace the elements and be a part of them.

Few people live in this huge environment which makes nature accessible for everyone and infinite.

There is this respect for it, this simplicity of life that I enjoy very much and peacefulness which makes me feel happy.

When I studied first in Kongsberg in 2o13 I fell in love straight from the start with the place. I associated this feeling at first to the beauty of the nature, the snow, the mountains but I realized pretty quickly that the people, the culture and atmosphere which gravitate around this place is what makes it so special.

It is the combination of things put all together which set Scandinavia apart from the rest of the world..

From there on it was a no brainer .. I had to be here.. It is hard to understand I guess when you are use to something in central Europe but as soon as you step here I swear you will understand the meaning of my message .

Feeling safe, feeling free, feeling loved, breathing pure air, and embracing this magnificent nature.

If you haven’t been to Scandinavia yet, I highly recommend to you to come and see the rugged fjords, mighty glacier, northern lights, fishermen villages, Lofoten islands and many more places.. This part of the world should definitely be on your bucket list 🙂

Im now heading to France for a month before flying back to the arctic to chase some northern lights 🙂

Have a nice weekend


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