In Norway we are overwhelmed by the nature: its beauty and variety is incredible. The purity and magnificence of our environment is absolutely amazing. Hiking is like a religion in Norway. We are so many to share that and explore this nature through the Norwegian trekking association (DNT). The network of trails and Cabins that we can get access to is fantastic and infinite: It is really without a doubt a paradise for people willing to walk. Norway is a mountainous country but everyone can find something suitable for his level. Whether you want to explore the arctic tundra and plateau such as the Dovrefjell or Hardangervidda, the rugged fjord and coastline like the Næroyfjord or Hardangerfjord, the glaciers such as the Nigardsbreen or Briksdal or the magnificent lakes and Taiga forest like the region of Telemark for instance. You will always find something which suit you! The wildlife is also really diverse and unique: Brown bears, wolverines, wolves, fox, reindeer, moose, muskox. and many more. I’m not even talking about birdwatching! SO many migratory species are travelling to Norway every year and thats definitely something spectacular for bird watchers.

It is a perfect place to hike and no doubt about it that Norway will amaze you wherever you are wandering to!

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