kiting hardangervidda snow

Hardangervidda: Where winter almost never ends

I have been spending some days on the plateau the last few weeks trying to delay summer and enjoy the last remnants of snow in southern Norway which is melting very fast with the really high temperatures and sunny weather we have had in may.
I find an undescribable quietness and freedom when I travel accross vidda . Nature is wild, pure and infinite, it is a perfect place for me to empty my head and take my skis or kite and fly among winter wonderland.

kiting hardangervidda snow

This place is also very treachearous and I experienced in few differents occasions some exciting situations when the weather went from perfect to hell and that I could barely see my hands in a snowstorms in a matter of minutes . You dont want to go over there unprepared and without proper gears, GPS and food if the weather is forecasted to be unstable .
The whole area is above the treeline in arctic Tundra and the temperature can drop way below -30 with gale force wind
Arctic Environement is spectacular and amazing but can also be unforgiving !

cross country hardangervidda

I strongly recommend you to stop in Geilo and plan trips on Vidda with having checked your route , the weather and getting enough info before hand .
This is a unique place on earth, a place to experience and enjoy with friends all year around whether its on skis with a kite or by foot 🙂

cross country on grass hardangervidda

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