My reasons for living in Scandinavia

  I guess most of you actually know me and know what drives me in life and why I took the decision I made five years ago.. but some of you do not. Why did I take the decision to leave France and settle down in Norway? The reasons from my point of view are actually quite simple and also personal. There is a serenity, a peace and quietness in Northern Europe. Feeling safe at any time, respected by others, living in small communities with individuals caring and helping each-other. The lifestyle here is also a big part of it.

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Life on two wheels

Life on two wheels Being on the bike has always been a part of me ever since my youngest age. I was raised in a region with plenty of trails and mountains to ride the bike. I had the chance to have a dad and friends who loved to ride too so that I could share these moments and be pushed further into this world together with people I enjoyed very much being with 🙂 I have always been more attracted by mountain biking than road biking … I guess the feeling of freedom in the nature, the quietness, and

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Summer on the fjells

Hello Everyone A quick update from southern Norway where we experience a splendid summer, with perfect weather conditions to enjoy any Outdoor activities. Early season was busy for me, working a bit in Buses, getting my official degree as a Mountain bike instructor and first aid wilderness courses with NOLS . Right now during the season I am still based in Geilo, and work at the Haugastøl Turistsenter: Hotel, restaurant and bike shop/rental. Haugastøl is the starting point of the most popular and beautiful bike journey in Norway: The Rallarvegen which starts at 1000 meters above sea level on the

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kiting hardangervidda snow

Hardangervidda: Where winter almost never ends

I have been spending some days on the plateau the last few weeks trying to delay summer and enjoy the last remnants of snow in southern Norway which is melting very fast with the really high temperatures and sunny weather we have had in may. I find an undescribable quietness and freedom when I travel accross vidda . Nature is wild, pure and infinite, it is a perfect place for me to empty my head and take my skis or kite and fly among winter wonderland. This place is also very treachearous and I experienced in few differents occasions some

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fire northern lights

A perfect evening

A perfect evening is for me an evening I spend with the one I love, out in the nature around a bonfire and under a sky full of surprises..As the latest example, last week during my holidays I traveled to Northern Norway ..Even though I live in southern Norway Im still looking further north for my vacation, because this place is truly magical and 1600 KM away from where I live.A place that I often call home and which is really important in my heart and where I had some of my most memorable experiences and moments in my life

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northern lights mountain

Seeing the Northern lights

Whether you live or visit Scandinavia , the northern lights are a must to see and witness. Its a unique moment to experience, a moment you will never forget.I had the chance to work several years in Northern Scandinavia as a Northern light Chaser and the chance to drive my guests every night in the wilderness to spot the Aurora Borealis.I have seen them hundreds of times.. literally.. but still I and we as people who have seen them many times would always tell you that it is always something unique and magical.Why?Because you will never see them at the

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stars geilo

Snowshoeing among the stars

Winter has been really generous with us so far this season … We have had a great amount of snow in Norway and really cold temperatures ever since the season started in November and the opportunities we have to get the best out of it are almost endless. As an example of one way to enjoy winter wonderland: I am always enjoying to get lost in the wilderness during night time, explore and contemplate the stars, shooting stars and constellation. This always gives me a different perception of life, and I always find so much quietness and serenity in this

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