fire northern lights

A perfect evening

fire northern lights

A perfect evening is for me an evening I spend with the one I love, out in the nature around a bonfire and under a sky full of surprises..
As the latest example, last week during my holidays I traveled to Northern Norway ..Even though I live in southern Norway Im still looking further north for my vacation, because this place is truly magical and 1600 KM away from where I live.
A place that I often call home and which is really important in my heart and where I had some of my most memorable experiences and moments in my life .
Among these moments are always the nights I spend with close ones under the Northern lights.
There is something special about a night like this. Being with the one you love, witnessing one of the most impressive and amazing phenomenon on earth, under a sky packed with billions of stars, by the shore of an impressive fjord surrounded by alpine like mountains while you are grillling and warming yourself up around a bonfire.

northern lights mountain

This is a night I wish all of you get to experience once in a lifetime.
I could spend so much time describing many evenings like this. But words wont translate the purity of such an instant…. It is undescribable and has to be witnessed.
This should be on your bucket list .. The north is a very special place on earth

northern lights tree

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