Northern adventure

The authentic Scandinavian experience

A guide, Photographer and Nature Lover,

Who is living his dream among some of the purest and most beautiful areas on earth and wants to share his passion of all the things he loves with you!


I grew up in a small town in France, only two hours away from the Alps. I always loved sport and outdoor activities. Especially our yearly holidays that we spent in the Alps. I think this is where my passion for the mountains kicked off,as well as my desire to explore and to push my limits.

While I was studying in France I always felt that I was not fully satisfied and I always had the desire to discover what is elsewhere on the globe. Hence, I leaped at the chance to spend a semester abroad and I directly took the opportunity to go to Scandinavia since I loved Skiing and knew that there could suit me well.

My dream came true in southern Norway, surrounded by wonderful people, breath-taking nature and countless outdoor opportunities. I was finally doing what I love the most: skiing and biking and succeeding my studies in the meantime. That was a life changing experience for me; the atmosphere, the culture and the people really changed me as a person. As a conclusion to this fantastic experience I decided to do my best to stay and become part of this Scandinavian life.

Taking the decision to leave your roots, getting out of the comfort zone and trying to settle abroad isn’t that easy at first. But I learned that with determination, confidence and passion everything is doable!

I owe a lot to a family that I consider mine now, which took me under their wings and considered me as their own and helped me to make everything come true.

Even though my study background was related to economics trade and marketing, I just seized the first real opportunity I had: I started off guiding in Northern Finland – Lapland as we call it – I had the chance to work together with Sami people: the reindeer herders, mushers and their dogs, on snowmobiles, see countless Northern lights and guide other experiences that people come to live when they travel to the very far north. During my first season I got the chance to learn everything that is necessary to become a good and knowledgeable guide and thinking back to this time I can say that learning by doing worked out very well for me.

I ended the season with the best experience of my life and decided to pursue this dream and share my love for this region as a guide. The next stage of the story is a succession of amazing experiences all over Scandinavia where people trusted me and gave me the chance to live my dream.

I will now tell and share with you my story through the different steps and things I enjoy the most doing in my life as a Guide in Scandinavia .

Welcome to my life!!

My Experiences

snowmobiling northern lights


The sound of freedom

skiing alps


The adrenaline rush

snowshoeing tromsø


Going out of the beaten path

tromsø pictures fjord sun


Memorizing unique moments

northern lights mountain

Northern light chasing

The most beautiful show on planet earth

hiking trolltunga norway


An insight of the wilderness

Mountain biking

Life on two wheels


Dog sledding

The purest winter experience

Ice fishing and snowshoeing among the stars

A night stroll in the wilderness together with a great fishing adventure


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